The Book

Economic uncertainty. Employee loyalty. Power struggles. Conflict resolution. Tony Soprano has to deal with management problems just like any CEO. Aside from "whacking" people (a definite no-no in most corporate environments), his strategies and tactics can work for you. He's direct, he's fast, and he's successful. Learn what makes him such an effective leader in this offbeat leadership guide, including advice you can use on:
  • Vision is Like Good Braciole
  • Sitdowns, Standups and Other Meetings
  • Behind the Bada Bing: Making Decisions
  • Hey, Break it Up: Resolving Conflict
  • Deal Time: Effective Negotiation
  • Cigar Time: Praise and Feedback
  • What Carmela Knows: Managing Up

With case studies, worksheets, tips on delegating and managing up, as well as a chapter on what Tony does wrong, this is a business book like none you've ever read. Use it to gain new insight-and find street-smart ways to manage your own workplace family.

Tonis Soprano Apie Vadyba published by Rgrupe in Lithuania.

A Gestão segundo Tony Soprano published by Casa Das Letras in Portugal. Nonfiction bestseller.

La leadership secondo Tony Soprano published by Cavallo di Ferro in Italy.