Get Anthony Schneider's Tony Soprano on Management—that's an order. Capisce?

     Vanity Fair

A distillation of the wit and wisdom of America's favorite neurotic gangster.

Humorous though wise... More useful than any similar book featuring rodents or fish for illustrating the necessary lessons.

     The Miami Herald

mart, funny and relevant, Tony Soprano on Management will help you be a better manager, run a more effective company, and make more money.

     Julie Stav
     Author of Get Your Share and Fund Your Future

The Sopranos and business meet fortuitously in Anthony SAchneider's new book. Tony Soprano on Management is really a great business education.

     Tim Zagat
     President, Zagat Survey

Anthony Schneider turns the world of business books on its head and delivers an unlikely new hero in Tony Soprano. In this funny, wise and well-written leadership book, readers will learn to lead smarter, manage faster, delegate better, and turn vision into value.

     Lewis S. Ranieri
     Chairman, Hyperion Partners
     Former Vice Chairman, Salomon Brothers

I love this book.

     Ken Dolan
     Host of CNNfn "Dolans Unscripted"

Tony Soprano, management guru... A tongue-out-of-cheek leadership book, deconstructing HBO's blcokbuster mob drama from an organizational perspective, offering valuable lessons and guidance... Learning from a real, intuitive boss is seductive.

     Inc Magazine

Part comic ode to Cosa Nostra ethics, part earnest management guide, the book finds much to admire about Tony Soprano's ruthlessly direct style of running things — except for the killing your underlings part, of course.

     Vancouver Sun

Lezioni di gestione aziendale, fiducia e carisma ispirate al piu celebre mafioso d'America di Anthony Schneider. Il personaggio... si presta ad un'analisi gestionale perche e sostanzialmente un manager, impegnato a condurre l'impresa di famiglia nel nuovo millennio e percio costretto a confrontarsi coi dipendenti, l'andamento dell'economia, la tutela dell'immagine e altri problemi gestionali.

Pearls of wisdom from the godfather of New Jersey... a biz-savvy fan's take on his favorite series.

     Cable World